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Robin, born on July 13, 1981 in Roeselare, Belgium, the heart of the most famous dance festival in the world (Tomorrowland).

As a young teenager, Robin was active as a DJ in various dance halls, parties, .. in the vicinity of his birthplace.
Also in his private dance temple at his home he had made in the then parental home.

When Robin had to learn to stand on his own two feet and moved, his short career as a DJ had become a faraway show.

His youth and life path did not go without saying and music was therefore no longer his priority in this time zone when Robin had to learn to stand on his own two feet

Later Robin was active as an extra / actor in many different TV series and films in Belgium, The Netherlands and neighboring countries.

After that, Robin often traveled to discover himself in Mexico, Taiwan, India, …

Despite Robin has always had a passion for music, it is not until the end of 2021 that he started producing music.

Before that he often tried to make things for his youtube channel “Funfair worldwide” as a background in the videos.
But then the intent was on the videos and the music he made was an afterthought to have no copyrights claims on YouTube.

Only much later did Robin start investing heavily in programs to make his music much better, also because of the experience he has built up, he has become a thousand times better than the entire beginning where the attention was not on the music but on videos.

Since the end of 2022 we can now say that Robin’s music belongs to a level that can distinguish itself
and is not inferior to the great DJs on earth.

His distinct taste and identity in his music often makes you think and dream of the good Belgian retro times.

Robin, who combines a varied mix of dance genres and dares to push boundaries. He doesn’t have a specific genre, but he does have a genre that can make everyone go crazy !

At the beginning of 2023, Robin was offered a record deal by the record company D-Core Records, who previously promoted Robin’s single: “EXCITER – House Of God” as a preview, with clearly more success than he achieved by self-releasing his music alone. This success even went by sea and as far as America and Australia!

Now it turned out that the name Exciter already existed by a Canadian band and to avoid problems with music links, a new name was sought, which became EXCITERDANCE.

So you will find Robin in / Exciter in the sequel under the name EXCITERDANCE.